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Name  Position Term
Edwin Smith Mayor  
Douglas Terry City Manager   
Nancy Travis   2015
Mike Murray   2015
Dave Chapman   2015


Committee Members are appointed in December of Odd Years.

Police Adiministration Board Minimize

As stated in the Codified Ordinances of Litchfield, Michigan

Title Eight, Chapter 278, Sections 278.01-278.03

Section 278.01 - Composition

a) The Litchfield Police Administration Board shall be appointed for two-year terms of office and shall be composed of the following persons: the City Manager, one member of the City Council and three members from the City at large. The City Council shall make appointments as necessary to fill vacancies when they occur. (Ord. 85-2. Passed 7-8-85.)...

Section 278.02 - Review Authority; Findings and Recommendations

The Litchfield City Police Administration Board shall be the review authority for all complaints registered against the Police Department and/or its officers by citizens at large. All findings and recommendations of the Board shall be submitted to the City Council for consideration. (Ord. 85-2. Passed 7-8-85.)

Section 278.03 - Powers

The Litchfield City Police Administration Board shall have such powers as are necessary to facilitate the fullest examination of all the pertinent facts surrounding any and all incidents which result in the registering of a complaint against the Police Department and/or its officers and, after such examination, shall be empowered to recommend actions that are appropriate to its findings. (Ord. 85-2. Passed 7-8-85.)

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