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City of Litchfield

221 Jonesville Street

P.O. Box 236

Litchfield, MI 49252-0236

Phone: 517-542-2921

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9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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Treasurer / Finance Director

Jill A. Barrett, CPFA, MiCPT, ACPFIM

Jill A. Barrett serves as the Treasurer and Finance Director for the City of Litchfield.

Jill Barrett was appointed Treasurer for the City of Litchfield in 1998.  She served as Litchfield Interim City Manager in 2006.  Jill was hired as book keeper to assist Litchfield District Library from 2006 to 2011.  Jill also served as Treasurer for the Litchfield Chamber of Commerce from 2000 until 2003.  Prior to being hired by the City of Litchfield, Jill worked at National Bank of Detroit (NBD) as the operations supervisor / assistant manager of NBD ATM operations, and ATM investigator / coordinator.  Jill is a member of the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada, and the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association.  She has served as Parliamentarian on the Michigan Municipal Treasurer’s Association Board of Directors and has volunteered on various committees to assist in the training of Michigan City Treasurers throughout her career.  Jill earned the professional credentials of Certified Public Finance Administrator from the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada in 2007, the Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer from the Michigan Municipal Treasurer’s Association in 2010, and the Advanced Certified Public Funds Investment Manager from the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada in 2014.  Jill also serves her community and county as a certified election inspector. 


Jill and her husband, Jaasen, live in the City of Litchfield.  She has three sons; Nathanael, Dawson, and Christian and one daughter Alaina.  In her free time, Jill enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, boating, and traveling.


Jill A. Barrett

 Phone: 517.542-2921

Fax: 517.542-2491

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Jill A. Barrett serves as the Treasurer and Finance Director for the City of Litchfield.

The Treasurer is a Charter authorized position appointed by the City Council and works under the direction of the City Manager.  As City Treasurer, Jill Barrett’s responsibilities established by Charter include:

·         Custodian of all City funds, the Clerk's bond, and all evidences of value or indebtedness belonging to or held in trust by the City.

·         Keep and deposit all moneys or funds in such manner and only in such places as the Council may determine, and report the same in detail to the City Manager.

·         Collection and disbursement of all property taxes for the City of Litchfield.  Has all powers, duties and prerogatives in regard to the collection and custody of State, county, school district, and City taxes and funds as are provided by law.

·         Is the general accountant of the City, and shall keep the books of account of the assets, receipts, and expenditures of the City.

·         Keeping the Council and City Manager informed as to the financial affairs of the City; Produces comprehensive quarterly Financial Statement for review by the Litchfield City Council.

·         Establishing and maintaining a system of accounts that conforms to uniform systems as required by law.

·         Balancing all the books of account of the City at the end of each calendar month, and providing a report of such to the City Manager.

·         Examining and auditing all books of account kept by any official or department of the City.


As Finance Director, Jill Barrett’s responsibilities also include:

·         Developing, planning, and directing the budget process for the City of Litchfield.

·         Developing and monitoring the City’s operating and capital budgets under the direction of the City Council in partnership with the City Manager.

·         Overseeing all financial operations, including accounts payable, payroll, accounts receivable, utility billing, cash and investment management, financial reporting, and asset inventory.

·         Oversees and participates in the preparation of the City’s comprehensive financial report; ensures compliance with local, State and Federal laws, codes and ordinances; prepares financial statements and coordinates activities with other departments and agencies as needed.

·         Provides professional advice to the City Council; makes presentations to boards, commissions, civic groups, and the general public.

·         Assists the City Manager in communicating official plans, policies, and procedures to staff and the general public.

·         Develops financial policies, finance related ordinances and resolutions with recommendations from the Litchfield City Council or the City Manager.

·         Studies and standardizes procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness of financial operations.

·         Prepares a variety of studies, reports and related information for decision making purposes.

·         Establishes and maintains internal control procedures and assures that state and national standard accounting procedures are maintained.

·         Maintains financial records and prepares all financial reports.

·         Oversees the central computerized financial and management information system of the City as well as the posting and reconciliation of ledges and accounts.

·         Directs the preparation of state and federal reports, including tax reports. Acts as liaison in the annual audit process.

·         Oversees the investment of City funds in accordance with state law and City policy.

·         Attends regular and special City of Litchfield meetings.

·         Generate and approve purchase requisitions, monitor department purchases for compliance to purchasing policy, approve department purchases, monitor products and services received for compliance to contract.

·         Prepares well thought out and clear reports for the City Manager, elected officials, or the public.

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