City Clerk


City of Litchfield Clerk/Deputy Treasurer/ Election Administrator

Susan H. Ballinger, MiCPT, MiPMC

Susan H. Ballinger serves as the Clerk, Deputy Treasurer, Election Administrator and Assistant Zoning Administrator for the City of Litchfield.

Susan Ballinger was appointed Clerk for the City of Litchfield in 2011. She served as Deputy Clerk/Deputy Treasurer from 2003 to present.  Susan has been serving as an assistant zoning administrator since 2011.  She earned her MiCPT certification through the Michigan Association of Municipal Treasurer’s in 2007and volunteered on the membership committee.  Susan currently is a member of the Municipal Clerks Association and is working towards earning points for her CMC certification (Certified Municipal Clerk). In 2009, Susan earned her certification to become an Election Administrator through the State of Michigan. Susan serves the community of Litchfield as a volunteer on the Festival Committee since 2010. Prior to being hired by the City of Litchfield, Susan was a student at Kellogg Community College earning her Clerical Certificate in 2002.

Susan and her husband, George, live in Homer, Michigan. They have two children; Erin and Ryan and have three grandchildren; Natalie, Cameron and Hayden.  In her free time, Susan enjoys spending time with her family, bike riding, swimming and traveling.

Susan Ballinger
Phone: 517.542.2921

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