City of Litchfield



The City of Litchfield has many extraordinary features one might find in a small southern Michigan city. Litchfield has established a market of nearly 50 businesses, many of which are located in the downtown area and in an Industrial Park to the south of the city.

Litchfield is the intersection of two State Highways, M-49 and M-99 and centered between M-60, U.S. 12 and I-69 and is located in Hillsdale county, the only Michigan county bordering both Ohio and Indiana.

Litchfield’s enjoyable quality of life, exceptional recreational opportunities and excellent business climate provide the perfect balance for families and businesses to grow and prosper.

Industrial Park
At present, there are approximately 2,200 people employed by the various firms located in the industrial park. There are still undeveloped parcels in the park to accommodate the entry for more business enterprises into the industrial park. A successful Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) operated within the City to promote economic development in the Industrial Park area. A new 74 acre parcel was recently purchased to the south of the current industrial park for future development and park expansion.

The City of Litchfield has room for commercial development and currently has vacant office space into which prospective businesses could occupy immediately. With the recent organization of a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) , new developments and beautification projects are in the process.

Thinking of starting or moving a business in Litchfield? Please contact the City Manager by phone: (517) 542-2921 ext. 128, E-mail:, or write to: City of Litchfield, 221 Jonesville St., P.O. Box 236, Litchfield, MI 49252-0236

Hawthorn Heights Subdivision
For more information contact the Litchfield City Office at 517-542-2921


East Saint Joe Cemetery

Click this link to download the Old Litchfield Cemetery Information

#Last NameFirst NameDate of DeathNotes
1AldrichJonathan4/2/1848Father of Laura Aldrich
2AldrichLaura5/27/1869Daughter of Jonathan Aldrich
4AllenLois3/24/1867Spouse of Alvin Allen
5AndersonCharlott11/10/1869Succumbed to Typhoid Fever
7BaldwinJane3/28/1845Age 17
8BarberMarvin2/29/1850Farmer, Died age 37 due to infection on lungs
9BarberMathew9-22/1845Died age 3 – son of Miles Barber
10BarberMiles5/11/1850Age 34
11BarberHannah9/22/1845unknown age, Daughter of F & Sarah Barber
12BartonRebecca4/10/1861Age 2
13BellMaria7/31/1856Age 1 
14BennettWillie10/19/1869Age 1
15BentzEmanueal11/1/1849Died age 7 due to Erysipelas
16BentzSarah3/16/1846Wife to Emanuel Bentz (1802-1888), partner of Munro and Bentz Milling
17BonnerJoseph4/7/1848Age 21
18BoveeGeorgiana9/1/1849Age 1 month
19BreckenridgeViolate11/5/1856Wife of William Breckenridge. Originally from Massechusetts
20BreckenridgeWilliam11/17/1855Husband of Violate Breckenridge. Farmer originally from Massechusetts
21BrockettIthra4/18/1850Age 60
22BrownMary11/29/1862Age 29
23BuckLuthera10/7/1863Age 41, Wife of Alanson Buck, a local carpenter
24BushnellRhoda1/1/1839Age 65, Wife of Constant Bushnell
25CareyEmily1/12/1865Age 30, Wife of John Carey, daughter of Thomas and Mary Herendeen
26ClubineMary9/30/1866Daughter of the first pastor of the Methodist Church, Rev. John Clubine
27ColmanElizabeth2/27/1867Age 66
28CookAndrew3/1/1850Age 4, died of croup
29CooperJane2/15/1858Age 24, daughter of Austin and Abby Cooper
30CooperJerusha2/15/1858Age 16, daughter of Austin and Abby Cooper
31CrandallEsther1/30/1848Age 28, wife of Thomas, Daughter of Daniel Morehouse and Olive Sanford Morehouse.
32CrandallJohn3/10/1861Age 67, 1860 Census lists occupation as “Joiner”
33CrandallOlive1/28/1855Age 30, Wife of Thomas Crandall, a farmer
34CrandallRuth1/20/1884Age 84, Wife of John Crandall, a farmer
35CrandallTheadore8/3/1846Age 9, son of John and Ruth Crandall
36CrandallWalter3/26/1842Age 6 months, son of John and Ruth Crandall
37CraneEleutherria12/8/1867Age 68, wife of Elijah Crane, purchased 40 acres in 1834 for $1.25 per acre
38CraneElijah4/23/1868Age 67, husband of Eleutherria. Was a Methodist Minister 
39CrockerCharlotte4/25/1855Age 63, wife of Lemuel Crocker, a farmer
40CrosbyJerome4/15/1859Age 10 months, son of Mower and Laura Crosby. 
41CrossmanJohn7/25/1860Age 46, a farmer
42DavidFloence5/15/1850Age 1, died from Erysipelas
43DevoeAbram3/15/1848Age 31
44DevoeMalisa3/12/1850Age 25, wife of Zacheriah (a textile looper), died of Consumption
45DevoeRachel5/12/1863Age 77, wife of John Devoe
46DuganCordelia9/15/1860Age 32, wife of John Dugan (a Carpenter)
47DuganGeorge4/19/1845Age 6, son of Henry (a Civil War Veteran) and Ann Dugan
48DurkeeJustus12/7/1860Age 64, a farmer, husband of Florilla Durkee
49DutcherPriscilla10/21/1864Age 59, wife of Platt Dutcher (a carpenter)
50EddySophia8/30/1849Age 29, wife of Amos Eddy (a merchant)
51EdwardsIda11/14/1856Age 20 months, daughter of B & L Edwards
52EgglestonAdelia1/13/1865Age 36, wife of Arthur Eggleston (a farmer)
53EgglestonAmos10/28/1857Age 71, a farmer and husband of Lucinda Eggleston
54EgglestonEbenezer12/6/1865Age 65, a blacksmith.
55EgglestonEdwin7/6/1869Age 31, Civil War Veteran, husband of Mercie Eggleston. Died of Consumption
56EgglestonHenrietta8/9/1868Age 28, wife of Varnum P. Rounds (a farmer)
57EgglestonHervey7/23/1871Age 70, a farmer, husband of Polly (until her death in 1849) and Peninah Eggleston
58EgglestonInfant Unknown first name, unknown age, child of “D&A Eggleston”
59EgglestonLucinda4/27/1871Age 80, wife of Amos Eggleston (a farmer)
60EgglestonMercie9/14/1872Age 28, wife of Edwin Eggleston (Civil War Veteran). Daughter of pioneer Horton Mann
61EgglestonPeninah11/3/1892Age 81, second wife of Hervey Eggleston (a farmer)
62EgglestonPolly1/7/1849Age 46, first wife of Hervey Eggleston (a farmer)
63EldredMahetable5/31/1847Age 39, wife of Sylvester Eldred 
64FairbankMartha10/21/1851Age 12, daughter of Rev. Stephen and Martha Fairbank
65FairbankMartha9/24/1877Age 85, wife of Reverend Stephen Fairbank
66FairbankPeter12/10/1845Age 21, son of Reverend Stephen and Martha Fairbank
67FairbankRev Stephen2/10/1847Age 58, Pastor, husband of Martha Fairbank
68FellowsAnn2/12/1861Age 29, wife of Samuel Fellows (Civil War Veteran and harness maker)
69FellowsEsther9/1/1847Age 82, died of a fever
70FrazerElanson7/8/1846Age 1, son of “JSD & KD/N” Fraser
71GatesWilliam4/16/1852Age 28
72George 4/18/1845Age 6 months, unknown first name, unknown parents
73GilbertJames Sr1/16/1874Age 74, born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Civil War Veteran
74GilbertOliver10/27/1861Age, 24. Civil War Veteran – 4th Infantry, Company H, Died of disease.  This soldier’s grave is without a headstone. He is entitled to a free military marker through the Veteran’s Administration. If you are a decendant of this soldier, please contact the City Office to begin the process of obtaining a headstone.
75GilbertWm11/12/1863Age 69, born in Edinburgh, Scotland
76GillettClarisa12/11/1854Age 8, unknown parent’s names
77GillettE Jr5/1/1862Age 5 days, unknown parents names
78GrahamPhebe1/1/1849Unknown age
79HanfordAmy5/26/1868Age 47, wife of Levi Hanford (a carpenter)
80HanfordJohn8/20/1863Age 73, husband of Polly Hanford
81HarrisClara3/8/1845Age 1, daughter of Daniel & Elvira Harris
82HarrisDaniel5/24/1845unknown age
83HarrisElvira12/10/1846Age 33, wife of Daniel Harris
84HarrisMarvin Unknown age, Civil War Veteran, Company K, 2nd Michigan Cavalry
85HarrounSylvia2/23/1851Consort of “Denison S”, age 25
86HerendeenElmira4/21/1852Age 18 months, daughter of “N & E”
87HerendeenEmily11/11/1879Age 67, died of cancer
88HerendeenJames9/1/1862Age 30, Civil War Veteran, Battery F, 1st Michigan Light Artillery. Son of Nathan and Mary Herendeen
89HerendeenLyman12/20/1849Age 1 month
90HerendeenMary5/1/1842Age 53, wife of Thomas Herendeen, daughter of Jacob Eddy, mother of 9 children
91HerendeenNathan8/9/1886Age 77, a farmer, husband of Emelia Herendeen. 
92HoveyAmorilla4/27/1863Age 8 months, daughter of “E & A”
93JonesCynthia3/21/1843Age 25, wife of Thomas Jones
94JonesHarriet2/1/1857Possibily Age 10, daughter of Thomas and Ruth Jones
95JonesThomas12/7/1869Age 57, a carpenter, husband of Cynthia Jones (until her death in 1843), and Ruth Jones
96KelloggHenry9/20/1865Age 1, son of “M & A”
97KellyGeorge7/12/1857Age 26
98KellyNC4/6/1858Age 32
99KellyWm4/20/1856Age 57, a farmer, husband of Mary Kelly, father of 7 children
100LambJerome5/18/1866Possibly age 11
102Little George4/18/1845Age 6 months
103LordDavid3/1/1850Age 17, a farmer, died of Typhoid Fever
104LovejoyCharles9/1/1858Age 5, son of Samuel and Phoebe Lovejoy
105LovejoyMary7/30/1850Age 28, first wife of Samuel Lovejoy
106MabeeHenry11/14/1849Age 32
107MabeeJames12/4/1847Born 1787, age 60, father of Leonard Alonzo Maybee
108MannElizabeth3/15/1886Age 72, along with her husband Horton Mann, were some of the early Litchfield pioneers. 
109MannHorton03/29/1865Age 52. One of the original pioneers of Litchfield, arrived in 1836. Husband of Elizabeth Mann. Horton was one of the most successful farmers in Hillsdale County.
110MannMary E. unknown age at death, daughter of Horton and Elizabeth Mann
111MelvinDr. John1/10/1863Age 63, a physician and surgeon, father of 12 children; 8 with his first wife Caroline Flint, and 4 with his second, Olive Tompkins 
113MelvinLovina7/25/1874Age 32, wife of William Melvin
115MelvinMariah8/18/1853unknown information
116MelvinMelinda2/18/1853Age 22, daughter of Dr. John Melvin and Olive Melvin
117MelvinOlive6/15/1867Age 63, daugher of Robert and Phebe Tompkins, wife of Dr. John Melvin
118MillsCarrie10/20/1871Age 2, daughter of EJ and Mary Mills 
119MillsonThomas9/29/1860Age 56, purchased 40 acres in 1845 for $50
120MunroJames6/30/1875Age 64, a farmer. Father of 2, Charles and Helen Munro
121MurdockAlice10/10/1869Born 1785, Age 81, wife of Dan Murdock
122MurdockAlmira9/10/1848Age 3 months, daughter of Egbert & Almira Murdock
123MurdockAlmira6/8/1948Age 23, wife of Egbert Murdock, the local Hotel Keeper
124MurdockO.C.4/15/1852Age 39
125MurdockFanny8/29/1844Age 2, daughter of SC & Louisa
126MurdockSeymour8/15/1851Age 5 months, son of SC and Louisa
127MurraySelah9/24/1851Age 72, a farmer
129O’NeillCharles12/27/1857Age 25, son of “P&M”
131O’NeillMary4/19/1886Age 84
132O’NeillMaryett4/20/1855Age 21, daughter of “P&M”
133OstranderEliza3/19/1866Age 64, wife of J
134OstranderElsie2/27/1852Age 69, wife of John
135PackerEve3/20/1856unknown age, daughter of Henry & Susan Packer
136PackerSusannah9/12/1845Age 2, daughter of Henry & Susan Packer
137PatchEliza4/1/1850Age 2 months
138PerryAlvira11/27/1861Age 36, wife of Edmund Perry, a carpenter
139PettyAlbert9/4/1860Age 5, son of “J & L”
140PettyWm9/28/1860Age 4, son of “J & L”
141PixleyJebbie unknown age, Child of “HM & A”
142ReamerBetsy3/8/1859Age 34, wife of Peter
143ReamerPeter3/22/1877Age 59, a wagon maker
144ReamerPeter2/5/1860Age 2, son of Peter and Betsy
145ReynoldsGleason2/9/1863Age 26, son of Joseph (a shoemaker), Civil War Veteran, Private, 1st Regiment, Michigan Light Artillery, died of disease in Munfordville, KY
146RiceLee5/14/1860Age 76, a farmer, died of heart disease
147RiggsAlice2/6/1852unknown age, daughter of Joseph (a Farmer) and Mary
148RiggsEdward4/1/1853unknown age, son of Joseph (a farmer) and Mary
149RogersSeth4/15/1848Age 21
150RoundsElla4/17/1864unknown age, Daughter of Hosea (a carpenter) and Susan Rounds
151RoundsJames9/20/1847Age 16, son of Hosea (a carpenter) and Jemima Rounds
152RoundJemima12/29/1846Age 28, wife of Hosea (a carpenter)
153RoundsJennie11/30/1863Age 2, daugher of Hosea (a carpenter) and Susan Rounds
154RoundsLittle Stanley9/27/1854Age 1, son of Hosea (a carpenter) and Susan Rounds
155ButlandJoseph5/6/1848Age 39
156ButlandMary5/7/1859Age 37, wife of Joseph
157ShipmanSarah2/14/1849Age 63, wife of John Shipman
158SischoFranklin6/9/1851Age 8 months, adopted son of Uriah (a farmer) & Margaret Sischo
159SischoMargaret11/19/1851Age 28, wife of Uriah, a farmer
160SischoWm12/5/1842Age 1, son of Uriah (a farmer) and Margaret Sischo
161SkinnerLizzie5/16/1863Age 12, adopted daughter of I & J Skinner
162SloatFranklin1/31/1867unknown age
163SmithAbram5/1/1878Age 76, a farmer
164SmithFlorence6/30/1871Age 24, daughter of JM Smith (a carpenter)
165SmithGeorge7/22/1852Age 23, son of JM (a carpenter) & SG Smith
166SmithGile Jr3/14/1846Age 10 months, son of JM (a carpenter) & SG Smith
167SmithJ. Homer8/2/1870Age 32
168SmithJoseph11/6/1862Age 24, Civil War Veteran, Corporal, Taken Prisoner May 16, 1862, died in Washington DC. Son of JM (a carpenter) & SG Smith
169SmithSylvia3/1/1870unknown age, Wife of Abram
170SmithWilliam3/5/1866Age 25, son of JM (a carpenter) & SG Smith
171StaplesClarissa11/27/1858Age 58, wife of Osman
172SteeleEliza12/3/1845Age 12, daughter of Rev. E & Eliza A Steele
173StewartJane6/14/1850Age 18, wife of John Stewart
174StoddardAndrew9/24/1845Age 1
175StoddardLucy3/18/1864Age 47, wife of Gideon Stoddard (a farmer)
176StoddardMary Ann1/2/1846Age 24, consort of Gideon Stoddard
177StoddardRachel1/12/1860Age 63, died of Typhoid Fever
178StoddardSolomon2/5/1854Age 51, a farmer, husband of Lucinda Stoddard
179StrongEzekiel2/20/1845Age 59, husband of Fanny Strong
180StrongFanny2/9/1845Age 52, wife of Ezekiel Strong
181SutherlandJerome6/11/1860Age 1, son of Angus and Mary Sutherland
182SutherlandMary3-21/1861Age 24, wife of Angus
183SwanNancy11/30/1856Age 50
184Swarthout, Jr.Aaron1/1/1850Age 6, unknown parents
185SwarthoutAlmira4/27/1846Age 27, second wife of Nathaniel
186SwarthoutJames8/25/1842Age 3, son of Nathaniel & Almira
187SwarthoutMartha11/12/1844Age 1, son of Nathaniel & Almira
188SwarthoutOur Baby8/16/1844Infant son of Nathaniel & Almira
189SwarthoutRebecca10/13/1840Age 20, first wife of Nathaniel
190SwickElizabeth1/17/1872Age 75, wife of John Swick
191SwickJohn2/5/1867Age 76, a farmer, husband of Elizabeth Swick
192TallmadgeJames7/12/1845Age 57
193ThornFrances4/3/1857Age 25, wife of JG Thorn
194ThornJoseph8/15/1856Age 11 months, son of JG & Frances Thorn
195VanNessGerardus3/3/1866Age 78, a farmer
196VanNessHelen8/12/1844Age 15
197VanNessOrinda4/4/1872Age 77, Wife of Geradus (a farmer)
198VanNessSusan1/22/1847Age 22
199VanVleetAbiah5/8/1849Age 48, Wife of Peter VanVliet
200WadeGrace12/23/1858Age 54, Wife of James Wade (a farmer)
201WadeJames12/14/1872Age 62, a farmer, husband of Grace
202WadeJames3/3/1848Age 2, Son of James and Grace Wade
203WadeMary Ann8/9/1883Age 62, wife of James Wade
204WalkerEva12/18/1861Age 1, daughter of GW & E Walker
205WalkerHarvey12/15/1863Age 2, son of GW & E Walker
206WalterEdwin5/7/1877Age 78, husband of Sarah Walter, died of an illness in California
207WalterEugene3/5/1864Age 24, Civil War Veteran, Lieutenant, 3rd UIS Cavalry, killed in action at Yazoo City
208WalterSarah9/21/1867Age 63, wife of Edwin Walter
209WhiteAlice9/18/1847Age 75, wife of Ezekiel White
210WhitneyJacob9/1/1863Age 73 , a farmer
211WhitneySally6/17/1860Age 75, wife of Jacob Whitney
212WoodsHanah10/3/1839Age 61