City of Litchfield


Hydrant Flushing

The City of Litchfield flushes hydrants in the Spring & Fall. Specific dates will be provided when they are available. Notice is given to residents on their water bills, on the City’s website, on the City’s Facebook page, and in the Homer Index. When hydrants are being flushed or utilized, you may experience discolored water. There is no need to boil water. To flush your pipes, run a cold water line to clear out the sediments.

Relevant Ordinances:
Chapter 1620.03 Obstruction of Fire Hydrants – No person shall place any obstruction whatever, nor shall any person responsible for such obstruction permit it to remain, within fifteen feet of any fire hydrant.

Chapter 1620.04 Opening of Fire Hydrants – No person, except authorized City officers and employees, shall use any fire hydrant, except in case of emergency, without first securing permission from the Fire Chief for such use and paying or agreeing to pay for the water to be used. In no case shall any wrench or tool be used on any fire hydrant other than a regulation City hydrant wrench.