City of Litchfield


Yard Waste

The City of Litchfield collects brush and leaves during the spring and fall:

  • Spring collection – April 1st through June 30th
  • Fall collection – October 15th through November 15th 

We do NOT pick up grass clippings. Grass clippings should be disposed of at the landfill on Hawkes Drive.

Bundles of brush must be stacked in 4-foot bundles at the edge of the road.

Brush must be separated from leaf piles.

Brush and leaves MUST be placed near the curb or just off the roadway. No debris can be placed on the road.

Brush and leaf pick-up is weather-dependent.

Residents can utilize the landfill on Hawkes Drive for brush, leaves, and yard waste. Keys to the gates are available at the City Office. See the Landfill page for more information.

Available Documents:
Brush & Leaf Schedule

Relevant Ordinances:
Chapter 1620.08 Open Burning – No person shall kindle a fire in or upon any street or alley, nor within twenty-five feet of any building unless such fire is confined in a safe container, and in no case within fifteen feet of any building or adjacent property. Every person who shall kindle any fire shall have some competent person constantly in charge of said fire until it is completely extinguished. In the event of hazardous or unsafe conditions, the burning can be discontinued by a qualified professional, such as Police, Fire, Superintendent of Public Works, or the City Manager.

Chapter 696 Weeds, Grasses, and Plants